011-TRAMA :: The Tough Knit

Weight: 210 gsm

Composition: 40% Recycled Polyester / 60% Polyester

Thick kitted Double jersey fabric. Because sometimes we need a strong one in the field.

Fabric created to make garments that requires the elasticity of knitted fabrics, but need to be thicker. Short pants for coaches, Rugby shorts … the tough ones. 

This fabric is available only on white color ready for digital Eco-sublimation printing. Your outfit will be customizable from corner to corner. No limits of colors, no limit on your creativity.

Digital Sublimation

DIGITAL SUBLIMATION : Fabric ready to be colored by digital sublimation technique.

UV Protection

UV PROTECTION : The UV protection range of this fabric is over +50 SPF

Heavy duty

HEAVY DUTY: Fabric made lo last under intensive use conditions.

Fabric Color Card (MOQ)


500 garments

Minimum order for special dyed colors 500 garments

Screen Print

SCREEN PRINT – Small and medium logos, limited colors


EMBROIDERY – Small and medium logos, limited colors


VINYL – Small and medium logos, unlimited colors

Digital Sublimation

DIGITAL SUBLIMATION – Print all over, unlimited colors

Wash Care
P-Wash Max 40° Degrees

Wash Max 40°

P-No Iron

No Iron

P-No Tumbler

No Tumbler

P-No Bleach

No Bleach

P-No Dry Clean

No Dry Clean