123-ECLA :: Elastic & Compressive

Weight: 260gsm

Composition: 77% polyester /  23% spandex

4-way elastic fabric designed with a high percentage of spandex to draw all your movements as a second skin. Tights and leggings won’t find the limit of this fabric. Its antibacterial treatment will reduce the growth of microbes causing the bad smell.

White color is ready for digital Eco-sublimation printing. Your outfit will be customizable from corner to corner. No limits of colors, no limit on your creativity.


ANTIBACTERIAL : Fabric treated with silver nanoparticles difficulting bacterias to grow inside the fabric.

Digital Sublimation

DIGITAL SUBLIMATION : Fabric ready to be colored by digital sublimation technique.

UV Protection

UV PROTECTION : The UV protection range of this fabric is over +50 SPF

4 way elastic

4 WAY ELASTIC : Fabric build with Spandex. Provides elasticity on all directions.

Fabric Color Card (MOQ)




Screen Print

SCREEN PRINT – Small and medium logos, limited colors


VINYL – Small and medium logos, unlimited colors

Digital Sublimation

DIGITAL SUBLIMATION – Print all over, unlimited colors

Wash Care
P-Wash Max 40° Degrees

Wash Max 40°

P-No Iron

No Iron

P-No Tumbler

No Tumbler

P-No Bleach

No Bleach

P-No Dry Clean

No Dry Clean