164-WEB:: Micro Mesh Spandex

Weight: 131 gsm

Composition: 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex

Ultra-breathable mesh. This is a high-end, technical, sportswear material. Designed to provide additional breathability on technical garments.

Available in white colour ready for digital Eco-sublimation printing. Your outfit will be customisable from corner to corner. No limits to colours, no limits to your creativity.


BREATHABLE : Fabric let the sweat and air pass through. Comfortable feeling and improve athlete performance.

Moisture management

MOISTURE MANAGEMENT : Fabric allows sweat to be transported from the skin to outside of the garment.

Quick Dry

QUICK DRY : Fabric don´t keep the moisture inside the fiber, allowing to get dry in a short time.


ANTIBACTERIAL : Fabric treated with silver nanoparticles difficulting bacterias to grow inside the fabric.

Digital Sublimation

DIGITAL SUBLIMATION : Fabric ready to be colored by digital sublimation technique.


LIGHTWEIGHT : Fabric ultra light. Breathability, Moisture Management and Quick Dry are improved.

4 way elastic

4 WAY ELASTIC : Fabric build with Spandex. Provides elasticity on all directions.

Fabric Color Card (MOQ)


Digital Sublimation

DIGITAL SUBLIMATION – Print all over, unlimited colors

Wash Care
P-Wash Max 40° Degrees

Wash Max 40°

P-No Iron

No Iron

P-No Tumbler

No Tumbler

P-No Bleach

No Bleach

P-No Dry Clean

No Dry Clean