Polyester fabric creation from plastic bottles has a tremendous positive impact on the planet. While traditional polyester depends on the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, recycled polyester makes use of the existing millions of plastic bottles.

Recycled polyester performs as well as traditional fiber, and additionally its production consumes 59% less energy and reduces 32% of CO2 emissions. It also decreases by 100% the crude oil extraction and contributes to reducing the plastic pollution problem.

our commitment

Our goal is to contribute, even at a small level, to saving the planet. Since 2018, we’ve offered our customers garments made of fabrics produced with recycled polyester, which comes from recycled PET.

Quality & Health

Our recycled fabrics possess the exact same properties as traditional Polyester fabrics: same physical attributes, same colorfastness, and free from harmful substances. Our commitment is absolute and the international lab Intertek test proves it.

Reliable Sources

In order to guarantee quality, health and ensure that our recycled fabrics are made according to international recycling standards, we only work with GRS-certified suppliers who provide a certification for each lot of yarn provided.


At this stage, our challenge stands on offering more recycled fabrics and finally convincing our customers to gradually switch to ECO products within all our services and brands.

Recycled polyester is a new product in the textile industry and therefore production costs are still higher than traditional polyester. Therefore, customers must be willing to spend slightly more on recycled items.

Custom clothing combined with trusted sustainability will make a huge difference to our future.